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Monthly Archives: May 2011

The "Secret" World of Gold & Silver Company Warrants


Warrants have been the best kept 'secret' of the investment world until now. After all, when was the last time you read an article on warrants or had your financial advisor broach the subject? Pay attention to the particulars provided in this article, prepare with proper due diligence and enjoy the prospects of future prosperity that a basket of long-term warrants can provide. Words: 1744

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U.S. Debt Default Risk is Up Dramatically YTD

[While] the average country has seen its default risk decline by about 5% this year [25 countries' CDS prices went up; 32 countries saw their CDS prices go down]... the US has seen its default risk rise the 8th most (i.e. 19.28%) out of the 57 countries listed.

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What Inflation? Take a Look At All the Deflation Around You!

There is a tremendous fixation on the inflationary components of CPI of which the most obvious driver is gasoline without which even the rate of headline inflation would be dropping, and the largest risk would be falling inflation. [Deflation? Yes, that is the case when you look at] what consumer prices have declined over the past few years. Words: 460

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Be Forewarned: Worldwide Systemic Financial Risk is Rising Rapidly – Again

The credit risk of the 30 large global financial entities representing the most systemically worrisome firms in the world just broke an important channel. It is now at its highest level in over four months having increased 14% in just the last three weeks which is extremely fast. At current levels we are now almost twice as risky as we were prior to the financial crisis and there is increasing concern that there might be another round of insolvencies or collapse of the financial industry. [Let's take a closer look.] Words: 630

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Here's How to Make the Most of Upcoming Buying Opportunity

This quarter’s mid-period has a negative focus [and we are] now seeing the result - a growing belief that the stock market run is over. [If that is, indeed, the case then it is most important to know exactly how to take advantage of the buying opportunities that are about to come about. Here's what you need to know to do just that.] Words: 925

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Inflation Coming? Treasury Market Says Otherwise!

The Federal Reserve’s dual quantitative easing exercises...have been disappointing thus far and, according to what the multi-billion dollar Treasury market is telling us, the numerous forecasts of upcoming inflationary pressures just do NOT exist. [Let me explain.] Words: 571

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AARP Survey: Golden Years Appear Grim to Aspiring Retirees

An AARP survey of over 5,000 American workers aged 50 or older has confirmed...that the Great Recession has radically changed the financial situation for many aspiring retirees and that the outlook for their golden years now looks grim. It seems that counting on their home equity to finance a life of leisure didn’t exactly work out as planned. [Let's review the survey's findings.] Words: 400

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What Are Technical Indicators Saying About the Near-term for Gold, Silver & Oil?

Now that we are at a crossroads in both commodity and equity markets heavy technical analysis, in addition to a standard fundamental outlook, may prove useful in identifying the next big swings - before they occur - for gold, silver), and crude oil... [and answer the prevailing question of those looking to establish, or re-establish, commodity positions: "Is now the time to jump into one or more of these markets or should I] sit on the sidelines a bit longer. [Let's take a look.] Words: 2012

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Today's Market Breadth is Bad Breath for Tomorrow's Market – Here's Why

"Where breadth goes, the market usually follows,” goes an old market saying and as Richard Russell said recently, "In a deteriorating market breadth situation where the ‘soldiers’ are deserting even while the ‘generals’ continue to march forward would be a prelude to disaster. In the stock market, it may be the same." [Let's review the current situation and see where we're at.] Words: 478

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