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Gold’s Recent Price Action Suggests Ultimate Top of $5,000/ozt.


The correlation between the gold price from 1968 until 1979 and from early 2000 until today is an amazing 89.65%! More specifically, the correlation from 1975 until April 1979 and from January 2008 until today is an astonishing 97.83% suggesting that gold will reach an ultimate top of $5,000 per troy ounce before the bubble bursts. Words: 330

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Gold Could Reach $20,000/ozt. by 2020 – Without Hyperinflation! Here’s How

gold rising

Today’s gold price of $1500+ is low...if I compare it to all other financial assets...[and if] I compare it to returns achieved since 1976 from the stock market and to the growth in US Federal liabilities. [Frankly, I can justify a price as high as $20,000 per troy ounce as early as 2020 and that is even without hyperinflation. Let me show you why.] Words: 1343

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U.S. Financial System is a Shell Game, a Confidence Trick, a Ponzi Scheme, Which Will Eventually Collapse!

Every single day the U.S. economy is getting weaker. Every single day we are going into more debt. Every single day we get closer to the collapse of the entire system but time is running out. The entire U.S. financial system has become a gigantic shell game (a confidence trick to perpetrate fraud) but when it ends the consequences can be painful and, sadly, that [pain is eventually going to be ours to experience. Let me explain.] Words: 1483

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Think You Know All About Silver? Take This Quiz and Find Out

CPM Group's recently released its 2011 Silver Yearbook...[which] presents some interesting facts that paint a decidedly bullish picture for the metal going forward. If you’re a silver investor, and/or are concerned about the recent selloff, you may find the following data very compelling. It provides an inside track on the market and will certainly make you a more knowledgeable investors.[Read on!] Words: 1280

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Telling it Like It Is: Monetary Policy, the Federal Reserve, and the National Debt Problem

The budgetary and fiscal crisis right now has made many political issues far clearer in people's minds. The debt dilemma is a challenge and an opportunity to set America on a freer and potentially more prosperous track, if the reality of the situation is looked at foursquare in the eye. Otherwise, dangerous, destabilizing, and damaging monetary and fiscal times may be ahead. [Here is how I see the situation and how I would propose solving the inherent problems.] Words: 3518

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Move Aside USD: The New Safe Haven Currency is the "Swissie"

According to conventional market wisdom, there are three safe haven currencies: the Swiss franc, Japanese yen, and US dollar. It is to these currencies that investors flock whenever there is a crisis, or merely an outbreak of uncertainty, and for much of the period following the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the three were closely correlated [but that is nolonger the case as the title of this article so indicates. Let me show you what has happened of late.] Words: 670

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Real-time Inflation Data is Now Available – Finally

Inflation is a significant measurement for the economic health of countries around the world but rates are often reported weeks after data is collected. To address this problem, two professors at MIT Sloan School of Management have launched the Billion Prices Project which is the first website to publish daily price indexes and provide real-time inflation estimates around the world. Words: 825

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