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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Are You Properly Positioned for the Global Slowdown Ahead?

Knowing where we are within the business cycle can help investors better position themselves for superior returns [because, as we all know,] during economic expansions equities typically outperform fixed income investments while the converse is typically the case during economic downturns. Current analysis of the business cycle suggests a period of slower growth ahead, not just in the U.S., but also globally, [but no signs of an impending recession. Let me explain.] Words: 834

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Negative Sentiment Suggests Buying Gold & Silver Stocks NOW

Relative to gold, gold stocks are now +30% cheaper than they were at the bottom of [the previous] 20 year long bear market [and that, in addition to the current negative sentiment for the PM sector, suggests that now might be an ideal time to get your fair share of PM stocks and/or their associated warrants. Let's take a look at some charts that support my point of view]. Words: 908

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Slip Sliding Away: Signs Point to Ongoing Economic Decline in U.S.

Most economists see the latest Q1 GDP stumble as a blip, something we shouldn't worry about because the economy is still on track for recovery...[but] another way to look at it is that the economy is being harmed by monetary inflation and we are seeing massive distortions in the economy as a result of this intentional Fed policy - economic growth is stalling and industrial production, manufacturing, non-manufacturing, durable goods production, retail sales and employment is flattening-to-declining... I think this is the correct way of looking at things and, [as such,] Q1 is not a temporary blip on the road to recovery... [but another mile down the road to economic stagflation, price inflation, lower real estate prices, continuing high unemployment, a weaker dollar, higher taxes and more - much more! Let me explain.] Words: 2997

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NOW is the Best Time to Buy Gold Stocks! Here's Why

The precious metals correction is here. Gold and silver are down... and gold and silver stocks, as should be expected, are down even more but...have been hit much harder than they should have been. As a result, right NOW is the best time [we have seen] to buy gold stocks in more than two years and they’re poised to make another run of 30% in the next few months. Here’s why. Words: 767

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What Decline? U.S Economy Holding Up Exceptionally Well!

[A look below at the trend in the U.S.'s share] of world GDP (data here) from 1969 to 2010... [shows an] amazingly stable share of world output which has remained [constant at 26.3%] for more than forty years...[and] is a testament to how America's dynamism, resiliency, and culture of innovation and entrepreneurship have enabled us to be productive in a tough world. [Let me expand on this further.] Words: 730

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These Indicators Say Inflation to Go to 4% Soon – and 6% by 2014

In response to the financial crisis of 2008, the Fed injected unprecedented levels of liquidity into the banking system. While inflation has been modest to date, an analysis of similar periods in history shows that it typically takes more than two years for the impact on consumer prices to be seen. Consequently, we are now at a pivotal point in the current cycle as Fed stimulus began more than two years ago. [Let me explain further.] Words: 2755

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