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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Jim Rogers: Stop Buying Gold! These Other Commodities are a Better Buy!


Jim Rogers is one of the most successful investors of all-time...and he buys value. Back in 1999, he predicted that a "supercycle" commodity bull market would see raw material prices advancing for longer than in any previous uptrend led by gold and silver. Gold was trading near its low at $252 and silver at $4 at the time but with gold up 650% from its lows and silver with an even greater gain - obviously Rogers was right. Rogers has now stopped buying gold moving, [instead,] towards a greater commodity opportunity that he thinks offers the same kind of values that gold and silver did a decade ago. Words: 909

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This Equity is THE Best Investment For These Volatile Times


In response to a recent request to identify the best one investment that provides acceptable growth without incurring unreasonable risk we applied our proprietary algorithms based on our unique ZYX Change Method and came up with a relatively unknown equity that warrants serious consideration for inclusion in your portfolio. Words: 454

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The U.S. Dollar Crisis is About to Accelerate! Here's Why

If the debt ceiling deal agreement is fully implemented [it is only going to exacerbate America's financial and economic woes and accelerate the demise of the U.S.] Dollar Standard which is inherently flawed and increasingly unstable. Its demise is imminent. The only question is will it be death by fire—hyperinflation—or death by ice—deflation? Fortunes will be made and lost depending on the answer to that question. [Let me explain how the collapse of the dollar could well unfold.] Words: 944

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Jim Sinclair Sees Economic Train Wreck Coming – Slowly but Surely!

James Turk, Director of The GoldMoney Foundation, interviewed Jim Sinclair recently at the GATA conference in London about his successful gold price predictions, the U.S. debt problems, how to ride the second phase of the gold bull and the gear change from arithmetic to exponential growth as public perceptions about the safety of the US dollar changes. Below is a heavily edited and paraphrased version of the interview to provide you with a fast and easy understanding of its contents. Words: 1318

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$325/ozt. Silver and $6,800 Gold Quite Possible – Here's Why

The majority of analysts are now of the opinion that gold will reach a parabolic peak price somewhere in excess of $5,000 per troy ounce in the next few years. Given the fact that the historical movement of silver is 90 - 95% correlated with that of gold suggests that a much higher price for silver can also be anticipated. Couple that with the fact that silver is currently greatly undervalued relative to its average long-term historical relationship with gold and silver could escalate dramatically in price over the next few years. How much? This article takes a look at historical gold:silver ratios and what attaining certain relationships would mean for the price of silver should specific price levels for gold be realized. Words: 1411

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A Full-blown International Bond & Currency Crisis is Approaching – Fast! Here's Why


Over the past two months stock markets have crashed around the world and gold prices have soared as global investors decided that the U.S. has lost its race against time. A new recession is upon us before we even half-closed the output gap left open from the last recession. It means even larger deficits and an even weaker dollar. The price of gold and Treasury bonds is telling us that a full-blown international bond and currency crisis is approaching. There is no international policy mechanism available to stop the panic short of re-opening the gold window that the U.S. closed unilaterally and “temporarily” in 1971. [Let me explain.] Words: 3025

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Ron Paul: Love Him or Hate Him, His Investment Approach is a Big-time Winner!


GOP presidential contender Ron Paul has predicted nearly all of the major economic developments in recent years - the housing collapse, the plunging dollar, and the rise of precious metals - and, as such, has killed the major market averages with his approach. [In fact,] he is a master investor with a track record that would make many of the Street's top hedge funds envious! [Let's take a look at his portfolio and compare its performance to that of the S&P 500.] Words: 665

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Can Such a High Price for Gold Be Justified?

Gold's value should depend on the economic and political situation of the time. Right now there are fears of hyperinflation, collapse of the eurozone and even a collapse of the entire financial system. Gold should be worth more than its historical average, but how much more? Words: 3063

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