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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Martin Armstrong Clearly Explains Why the USD is Strong and Gold Weak in This Terrible Economic Environment

Understanding what we are facing right now is critical to our survival.... [and to do so] we must embrace a global correlation approach to comprehend the true global implication of how capital moves. [Martin Armstrong provides a remarkable explanation of what is going on right now with the U.S. dollar, bond yields and the current price of gold. It would be well worth your time to read and reflect on what he has to say.] Words: 822

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Embry: U.S. Fed Managing the Markets In Anticipation of QE3 Launch?

"The US Fed would love to have the dollar firm when they announce QE3 because it is going to get clobbered on that announcement. Similarly, I think they want the gold price as low as possible when that announcement is made because it will be taking off to the upside when QE3 is announced. The stock market will also be taking off to the upside from lower levels when the announcement is made. So, I think they could be grooming (managing) the markets as we speak, positioning them for the optimal point of the launch of QE3."

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Profit from Swiss Government's Likely Abandonment of Franc/Euro Peg – Here's How

The Swiss franc is pegged to the euro at 1.2 EUR/CHF (Chart 1) so if the euro keeps going lower and lower against other currencies, the Swiss franc will do the exact same thing. However, if Switzerland were to de-peg the Swiss franc from the euro, there would be a tremendous upside in the Swiss franc. [That being the case, how can one best profit from such an eventuality?] Words: 265

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We're Getting Confirmation of a Major Leg UP in the Buck!

We're getting some technical confirmation of another major leg up in the buck [confirming my assertion that] we are in the midst of a multi-year bull market in the dollar. Today, I want to put forth 9 reasons why the dollar may have bottomed, show you some current technical analysis on the buck, and share my long-term target for the euro. Words: 703

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It’s Crucial to Challenge ‘Commentator Credibility’ When Evaluating Gold ‘Mining’ Companies – Here’s Why

Every day now there is Media and Internet commentary on the current prices at which gold mining stocks are trading. Some of this commentary is excellent, some seems to be written from a "vested interest' perspective and some is very simplistic. [This article discusses unstated underlying assumptions that some commentators base their views on, endeavours to provide a greater understanding of the gold 'mining' sector and influences on pricing of sector stocks and what investors need to do before investing in said sector.] Words: 2030

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