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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Shift From U.S. Dollar As World Reserve Currency Underway – What Will This Mean for America? (+49M Reads)

Today, more than 60% of all foreign currency reserves in the world are in U.S. dollars - but there are big changes on the horizon...Some of the biggest economies on earth have been making agreements with each other to move away from using the U.S. dollar in international trade...[and this shift] is going to have massive implications for the U.S. economy. [Let me explain what is underway.] Words: 1583

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Bookmark This Article: The Stock Market Will Crash Within 6 Months!

Until recently, I have not used the term "stock market crash". I do not take using this term lightly. It brings with it major repercussions. I am now breaking out this phrase because of the current state of the stock market. This stock market crash will occur within the next six months from today... The markets will fall within a combined day/few days a total of at least 20%. Bookmark this article.

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Twitter: What am I missing here??

What am I missing here?? This is a company that has publicly said it may never make money! Why would people trip over themselves to buy this company's shares when they do not know if they can ever turn a profit? It's absolutely madness!!

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The Miserable State(s) of America & the World

The Misery Index is a lens through which to look at quality of life and, from an American perspective, such misery has risen steadily since 1994. How miserable is your state (and your state of being)? Take a look..

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Gold? What Gold? The Great 56:1 Imbalance

So you think you own some gold because you own a gold ETF. Right? Think again! At best you share your gold with 55 other supposed "owners" What a sham the gold market is. An utter sham! Here's why.

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Stock Market Bubble & Coming Recession? These Charts Say Otherwise

The real value of the stock market is positively correlated, over time, with the amount of freight hauled by the nation's trucks (in other words, the physical size of the economy has a lot to do with the real, inflation-adjusted value of the economy) and the latest numbers (see chart) strongly suggest that we are not in a stock market bubble.

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