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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Noonan: Charts Suggest Lower Lows for Gold & Silver to Come in 2014


Because the natural laws of supply and demand do not apply to gold and silver, the only way we can track the influence of endless paper supply on the market is through the most reliable source, the market itself, and the best way to track the market is through charts.Let's take a look at what they are conveying today.

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14 Prognoses of Doom & Gloom for Economy Starting in ’14


Some of the most respected prognosticators in the financial world are warning that what is coming in 2014 and beyond is going to shake America to the core. Many of the quotes that you are about to read are from individuals that actually predicted the sub-prime mortgage meltdown and the financial crisis of 2008 ahead of time so they have a track record of being right. Does that guarantee that they will be right about what is coming in 2014? Of course not. In fact, as you will see below, not all of them agree about exactly what is coming next but, without a doubt, all of their forecasts are quite ominous.

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The Best 3 High-Yield, Top Quality, S&P 500 Stocks For 2014


While the S&P 500 yields less than 2%, much higher yield with specific stocks can be found. The key, though, is to find higher yield that is sustainable and will lead to wealth accumulation over time. Below I identify 3 such stocks and explain why they might be good choices for your portfolio in 2014.

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The 13 Best Articles In 2013 On Sex, Satire & Systemic Spying

swimsuit-2013 will receive well over 1,000,000 visitors again in 2013 and is now a “go-to” destination for a diversified account of economic, financial and investment analyses, opinion, advice and education - and the occasional sex, satire and outright humour/humor to spice and/or lighten things up.

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More Weapons of Mass Wealth Destruction Likelier By the Day


Households in the U.S., Europe and Japan may soon face fiscal shocks worse than any market crash. Powerful economic players are deciding that with an ever-deteriorating global fiscal outlook, conventional levels and methods of taxation will no longer suffice. Indebted governments may soon consider making weapons of mass wealth destruction , such as the IMF's one-off capital levy, Cyprus's bank deposit confiscation, or outright sovereign defaults, likelier by the day.

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