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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Bitcoin Will Trade for Under $10 by June 30, 2014!

Bitcoin’s days are numbered - literally. Ex-Federal Reserve Bank examiner, Mark T.Williams even goes so far as to predict that Bitcoin will trade for under $10 by June 30, 2014. That's a bold prediction, no doubt, but the point is clear – Bitcoin doesn’t stand a chance at ever gaining widespread adoption.

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Is This Market Correction – an Opportunity to Buy – or a Signal to Sell?

Stock market volatility, directed mostly to the downside this year, has caught the attention of anyone with funds at risk. The obvious question on most people’s minds is whether to get out or to put more money in. Advice going both ways is readily available. Here are some such articles. Take them into account and make your own decision regarding whether this correction is an opportunity to buy or a signal to sell.

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Are You An Economic Zombie – An Economic Idiot? Take the Test

Do you focus almost solely on the present? Do you assume tomorrow will be just like today? Do you think that just because your current behavior regarding debt has not created trouble or hardship thus far, that it won’t tomorrow or on into the future? Would you not be able to get by if debt/credit were outlawed? Really?? Then you're an economic zombie - or perhaps even an economic idiot!

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Noonan on Gold & Silver: “A RED Flag Is In Effect” – Here’s Why

People are focusing on the price of PMs, treating gold and silver as vehicles for increasing in price relative to their cost of purchase and not on the reality of what the artificially suppressed market is showing. It is the reason for buying and holding gold and silver that matters. Know this: It does not matter what you pay/paid for owning physical gold and silver. Price is temporary; physical is permanent. That being said, however, a red flag is in currently in effect regarding gold & silver. Below I explain why.

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Next Crisis Will Start In Either Canada, Australia, the U.K or ?? – Here’s Why

The plunge in emerging markets that started this year has given us the Fragile Five (Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey and India), courtesy of Morgan Stanley, because their big current-account deficits mean they are acutely vulnerable to a sudden exit of foreign capital. The trouble is, it isn't true. The next crisis will start, as did the last one, in one of the developed economies [and this time round] it is likely to come from one of these 5 countries:...

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Where Does Your Country’s Currency Rank?

Below is the list of the top 10 strongest currencies in the world, as measured by their percentage of the foreign trade market based on their combined interest in the world's 3 foreign exchange markets.

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