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What You Need to Know About Aluminium


Aluminum (or aluminium) is the world’s most common metal by crustal abundance and, behind iron, is now the second most used metal in the world found in everything - planes, cars, buildings, machinery, consumer durables, packaging, and electrical uses. This infographic illustrates all you need to know about aluminium - its source, uses, consumption, average price, highest producing countries, top producing companies, and more.

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Investors Should Choose Silver vs. Gold During Financial Crises – Here’s Why


The notion that gold is the premium SAFE HAVEN during times of financial crisis doesn’t hold true if we go by the actual data. When the world stood at the brink of a total economic and financial meltdown in 2008, investors overwhelmingly choose silver over gold, which means, when the next much more dire financial crisis appears, physical silver demand will more than likely totally overrun supply. Got Silver?

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Gold Likely to Jump Significantly When Next Stock Market Crash Occurs – Here’s Why


There appears to be a precise inverse relationship between gold and the stock market during stock market crashes such as those in September 2001, September/October 2008, and July/August 2011 . Gold not only rallied, but it rose significantly. This could be very useful information if, as I expect, we see another stock market crash, possibly again in the September/October time period.

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Dramatic Advance In Gold Fully Expected – Here’s Why

gold rising

Gold’s relatively methodical advance since the turn of the millennium has had to do with the persistent desire to allocate a small portion of global wealth away from traditional financial assets and the fiat currencies in which they are priced. For these reasons, and the many more outlined in this article, we believe gold’s most dramatic advances remain ahead of us.

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Both Stocks & Bonds Could Decline By 75% – Yes, 75%! – In Coming 10 Years – Here’s Why


The current credit-bubble boom in stocks and bonds is getting long in tooth after 34 years of relentless expansion, and the rise of securities to 400% of GDP is reaching extremes that are increasingly difficult to support, much less push higher. As such, a reversion to generational lows is inevitable, and a valuation level around 50% of GDP for stocks is a fair target. This implies a 75% decline in both stocks and bonds within the next decade, if not sooner.

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Be Smart: Consider These Economic Indicators When Investing


Before placing trades, it’s good practice to review market-moving indicators such as jobless claims, housing starts and sales, consumer confidence, and inflation as they can help you make smarter investments and grow your wealth. Here's a look at each of the above mentioned indicators that you may want to become familiar with.

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Make Better Investment Decisions By Applying This Checklist First


Have you ever made a spur of the moment trading decision without fully thinking things through and later come to regret it? Do you feel like your investment decision-making process could use some help? Here's an investing checklist you can use as a useful guide to develop a systematic, organized, and thorough approach to trading.

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