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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Retraction: Armstrong Says Gold Has NOT Bottomed


What Mr. Armstrong writes in his articles is done so poorly it is almost always confusing and often virtually incomprehensible but it has a way of providing cover for what he says. A case in point is the inference in an article last week that gold had bottomed, would begin to rise substantially sometime after Oct. 1st and eventually reach $5,000+ sometime during 2016. His latest article disclaims those inferences. Here's what he now says by way of clarification:

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Apply These 6 Military Strategies To the Way You Invest & Win


I was re-reading Art of War recently, and I couldn’t help noticing how Sun Tzu’s approach to military strategy applies to investing. As he said 2,500 years ago, “he who knows them will be victorious; he who knows them not will fail.” Below are 6 quotes well worth applying as a result of the present financial chaos we find ourselves in.

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Important Facts & Figures About the U. S. Economy. Take a Look.


We are confronted with so much information through the media and the internet that finding and processing relevant information has become quite a challenge. To remedy the situation, in part, below is an infographic that illustrates the most important facts and figures about the U. S. economy. Take a look.

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Analysts: Gold Will Bottom Somewhere Between $725 & $1,000/ozt.


Much has been written over the past few months as to just where gold (and silver) is headed. In light of the recent significant drop in price below is substantiation for such a decline and several projections as to where the price correction will bottom out and the timeframe for such price action.

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Noonan: The “Rothschild System” & the Present and Future Price of Gold


If the East has gained control of the gold, and the West is essentially insolvent to its core, why aren’t gold and silver finding a higher level that, at a minimum, would reflect a simple adjustment for inflation for the past few decades? The answer is really quite simple: the "Rothschild formula" is is alive and well. Let me explain just what the Rothschild formula is and how it is influencing the price of gold.

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Credit Card Debt Binge Making Americans Debt Slaves Again


The final effort in the debt-fueled “recovery” of the U.S. economy from the Great Recession - the increase in consumer credit card debt - is seen by Equifax as that of "American consumers...getting on with their lives.” Yes, indeed, their lives as debt slaves!

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Bank of Canada Has Exacerbated Canada’s Majestic Housing Bubble


The Bank of Canada took a good look at the Canadian economy, saw it was sinking into the mire, glanced at the collapsed prices of commodities, particularly oil, saw how they were wreaking havoc in Canada, and then looked at the global economy, particularly at China and the US, and freaked out with the realization (acknowledgement) that things are heading south FAST.

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