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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Advantages/Disadvantages of Small Caps & 10 Worth Taking A Long, Hard Look At

I have come up with 10 rather intriguing-looking small companies that are also attractive from a valuation perspective. The portfolio review lists them by ticker, name, sector, debt to capital, P/E ratio, price to cash flow, dividend yield, market cap, near-term estimated earnings per share growth and longer-term trend line estimated EPS growth.

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My Silver Stock Picks Are Up 95% YTD & the Best Is Yet to Come

In December I listed my top 5 overall silver stocks to buy in 2016 and, since almost 4 months have passed since that article was published, here's an update on how each of the picks have performed (up 94.55% on average in the 1st quarter compared to "only" 51.2% performance for the SIL).

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Dramatic Plunge Expected In Gold Soon – Here’s Why

An intermediate top is forming in gold and silver, confirmed by the latest COT data, indicating that a severe drop is imminent. In addition, the latest 1-year chart for gold shows gold having become heavily overbought after after a parabolic slingshot move. Breakdown from the parabola will likely lead to a dramatic plunge. This article addresses these factors complete with enlightening charts. Read on.

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Gold: A S-l-o-w & Steady Rise To Record High Is Coming

All signs are now flashing that we have just seen the end of the correction in gold. The fundamental economic and geopolitical backdrops are in place already.The opportunity looks to be significant in the precious metals market over the coming years.

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Implications of Declining Dollar Will Be Major

Western central banks, by debasing their currencies, have produced little more than financial ammunition for speculation on a grand scale. We saw the effect of a flood of this accumulation into the dollar over the last 18 months, and we are about to see the opposite effect as it ebbs away. What will the implications be?

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