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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Global Liquidity To Cause (or has already caused) Housing Bubbles In U.S. & Internationally

It is clear global real estate prices are heating up again and, due to interest rates being lower now than in the previous cycle, real estate prices in the U.S. and globally may actually surprise us with several more years of growth before they peak as global liquidity searches for the few relatively safe assets (in the least dirty shirt fashion) as a way to protect against reflation and devaluation in non-U.S. countries.

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A Disaster Of Epic Proportions Is Brewing Behind the Scenes

The situation the world finds itself in is not one of growth and prosperity, but one of uncertainty and doubt, and it has the financial elite running for the doors, scared and worried. So what is going on behind the scenes? Do they know something that the rest of the general public does not? Do they think that a system collapse is just over the horizon?

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Possible Outlier Outcome In Treasuries Coming Soon?

After watching some markets develop over the past week, we thought it warranted a few thoughts on a possible outlier outcome in Treasuries over the next several weeks. Since Treasuries made their respective highs in mid February, we held an intermediate-term outlook that yields could drift higher through the spring, before exogenous market pressures again arose pushing participants back into …

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Could the Slow Start to IPOs In 2016 Be Beginning To Thaw?

Most companies that have gone public this year are biotech firms and the first quarter marked the slowest start to IPOs since the last recession. In the current quarter, [could] the fact that companies outside of biotech are eyeing or marching through the IPO door... be a sign of a slow thaw? Words: 724

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7 Reasons For The Increase In Portfolio Equity Allocations

Investors may not like it, but they do own more stocks. The average investor equity allocation is now back to where it was around the 2007 market peak. This has some people worried that things are getting frothy once again. Maybe they are, but there are some legitimate reasons for the increase in equity allocations by households. Here are 7 of them:

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