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Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Case For $65,000/ozt Gold In 5 Years’ Time – Yes, $65,000!


A paper currency doesn’t measure anything. It merely has an arbitrary value placed upon it by the population using it. It’s not backed by anything and it can fail at any time. A more accurate measurement would be to measure fiat currencies in gold. That being the case, what will the price of gold be in 5 years’ time?

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These 5 Energy-Related Stocks Yield Hefty Dividends


The U.S. Dollar has appreciated somewhat due to the recent Brexit fears, also bringing down the price of oil, but, moving forward, we believe oil prices have a clear path towards US$55-60/barrel. As such, we suggest investors take a look at the five energy-related stocks described below that also generate hefty dividend yields.

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Could Brexit Be the Beginning of a Brave New World?


Brexit could be the beginning of a brave new world, in which trade becomes freer and business becomes less burdened by taxes and regulations. The only politician here who is talking about such "radical" ideas is Trump, but he is gaining traction, as did the "leavers" in the UK. There is room for hope.

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Here’s An Alternative to ‘Mainstream” or “Doom & Gloom” Investing


As the narrative goes, either we buy into the unlimited and more or less guaranteed creation of wealth for all who follow the agreed-upon wisdom, or we reject it, and prepare for the inevitable collapse of the financial system and the value of money. The problem, however, is that both the present and the recent past are completely different from either approach BUT there is a third potential future to consider which I believe to be the most compelling. Let me explain.

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