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Monthly Archives: September 2016

We’re In A Bubble! It’s Time to Take Profits, Increase Your Cash Position or Buy Some Protection

A bubble is the state of a market before the crash. It is a situation in which assets trade at a price that is considerably higher than their intrinsic value and, in my view we're currently in a bubble. The current S&P 500 P/E is at 25.09 (when the historical average is 15.61). The question is, "When will the market crash?" and I see worrying signs that this could happen soon.

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Stockman on Trump & “The Revolt Of the Rubes”

Economic expert and best-selling author, David Stockman, offers a dire view of the deep financial trouble America faces in his new book titled “Trumped!” in which he is quoted as saying "The rubes are revolting, and they are revolting because they can see the system is rigged. These people are fed up, and they have had enough, and I think this is where Trump is coming from. I think we are at an inflection point where someone is finally challenging the Wall Street/Washington elites. Trump is kind of a wild man in some ways, but he hasn’t spent the last 30 years in Washington drinking the Kool-Aid."

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A Look At the Many Unique Characteristics of the Indian Gold Market

Despite the fact that India's government wages a constant war on physical gold ownership by its citizens continue to purchase gold in large quantities making it one of the largest and most extensive gold markets in the world. The following infographic guides you through the many unique characteristics of the Indian gold market.

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Here’s Donald Trump’s Economic Plan “to save the U.S. economy”

Donald Trump is promising change, and many of his proposals sound good (and, yes, there are also some areas to be concerned about), but Trump's plan stops well short of the fundamental overhaul of our economic and financial systems that is required. That being said, what he is proposing is vastly superior to Hillary Clinton’s plan so he should definitely be applauded for at least moving in the right direction. Below are some of his economic proposals "to save the U.S. economy."

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Top Silver Stocks for 2016: September Update

Right before the start of the year, I wrote an article outlining my top 5 overall silver stock picks for 2016. I may not be as bullish on these picks as I was back in December 2015 so here's an update including the performance of my picks and my current recommendations.

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