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Are These Energy Stocks Set To Expand Exploration Activities?

The TSX energy stocks on our list today were all able to increase their Net Asset Value (NAV) by an average of 34% over the last fiscal year and, with positive net working capital over the past 12 months to handle their day to day operations, they could be in a position to focus on raising capital for exploration purposes.

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Biotech Stock Euphoria Has Turned to a Massive Sell-off – Here’s Why

Biotech ETFs were initially among the biggest winners of Donald Trump’s surprise election win last month, but the early euphoria has now turned to a massive sell-off once again. From a technical, fundamental, and political standpoint, it’s probably safe to say that biotech is back out of vogue, and investors should tread very carefully here as we approach the end of the year.

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Fear-mongers’ Advice Has Been a Disaster For Portfolios

Some people are screaming that this is just the start of the biggest bull market in the history of the world but the tin hat crowd has a phrase that is often associated with euphoria, bubbles, and overheated markets...that proclaims "this will end badly." That being said, listening to the advice of fear-mongers has been an absolute disaster for your portfolio returns.

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Bank Stock Recommendations Are Only 43% Accurate! Here’s A Ranking

When holding their stock picks for the year, banks were only 43% accurate with their predictions. That’s right! Flipping a coin would have been potentially more effective than buying bank stock picks, which ended up down -4.79% on the year. The S&P 500 finished down only -0.69%. Simply just making any interest in a savings account would have been more effective as well. [This article ranks] the banks, from best to worst, based on accuracy of their calls and also based on the performance of their recommendations.

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Attn. Trump Economic Transition Team! Here’s 9 Necessary – But Distasteful – Proposals to Correct U.S. Economic Problems

This article presents 9 proposals that I think might actually solve the deficit and debt problems of the U.S., jumpstart its economy, pay for healthcare and other costs, and do so with the least damage to the body politic and economy. I offer these proposals, though, knowing that there will probably not be one person who doesn’t find some of them extremely distasteful - and that includes me. The simple reality, however, is that this is where we find ourselves today: we are left with distasteful choices.

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What Should Investors Do: Flock to Pro-growth Equities, Participate in a New Gold Rush or Stick to the Fundamentals of Value Investing?

What does the average investor do when someone with the temperament of Donald Trump gets into power? Do they flock to pro-growth equities, participate in a gold rush or stick to the fundamentals of value investing? Fund flow data will not show us the answer to this question for at least a few months yet, but we can begin to understand the bigger picture - especially as it relates to gold, fixed income and equities - in the article below.

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