Monthly Archives: January 2017

High Free Cash Flows Make These 5 Gold Stocks “Kings of Cash”!

‘Cash is King’ for the 5 TSX gold stocks on our list today as these junior miners run their operations with positive cash flow, no easy task in the gold mining industry. In addition, each company has a strong balance sheet, which means more options for growth, whether it be through a strategic acquisition or through capital expansion.

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Stocks Down By 40%; Gold Down To $650-750; Oil Down To $26 By Year End

The expectation that we'll just grow our way out of this big fat bubble is not realistic. That has never happened - not once in history - and there's NO CHANCE this will be the first time - not given our aging populations, low productivity and unprecedented debt burdens! Here's my forecast - my expectations - for this very tricky year:

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The Way Your Financial Advisor Gets Paid Could Harm Your Portfolio

Just as it’s smart to question the doctor suggesting test after test for you at a facility he or she owns, it’s important to know how your financial advisor’s pay structure creates incentives that may harm or help your portfolio in the long run. Let's review the various ways there are for you to pay a financial advisor as well as the various ways a financial advisor can get compensated for how he/she "manages' your portfolio.

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