Thursday , 21 February 2019

All 14 U.S. Border States to Adopt Canadian Dollar as Their Official Currency Effective July 4th!

In a bid to streamline business and tourist transactions, 14 U.S. border states are set to adopt the CanadianCanadian dollar loonie dollar as their official currency [effective, July 4th, 2014. Read on for more details.]

So reports in a story* leaked earlier today.

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The report goes on to say:

14 Border States Participating

The border states involved include:

  1. Alaska,
  2. Washington,
  3. Idaho,
  4. Montana,
  5. North Dakota,
  6. Minnesota,
  7. Wisconsin,
  8. Michigan,
  9. Ohio,
  10. Pennsylvania,
  11. New York,
  12. Vermont,
  13. New Hampshire and
  14. Maine.

Ironically, the change… will come into effect on July 4th of this year. Those numerous islands in Hawaii that are to be purchased later this year along with the U.S. Virgin Islands will also assume use of the Canadian dollar when the deal is completed at the end of 2013. See details of said purchases here.

[Editor’s note: Many experts expect considerable confusion – and expense – will occur with the change. Canada does not have a $1 bill but a coin instead (affectionally referred to by Canucks as a Loonie because of the picture of a Loon on the coin) and also has a $2 coin called the Twonie. Both coins will put considerably more loose change in one’s pocket or purse and, conversely, lighten ones wallet. It is also expected that parking meters and toll road collection booths will have to be reconfigured to accept Canadian Loonies and Twonies which probably will result in higher user fees. In addition, vending machines in the states affected will have to be altered to accept Canadian coinage.]

The Currency Surrender of 2014?

U.S. dollar bills will remain in circulation within the aforementioned states…. [until July 1st, 2015 at which time] they will be exchanged [at par] against Canadian coins and bills. All inter-bank commerce and stock exchange trade, however, will be denominated in Canadian dollars as of January 1st 2015. [Some American critics of the change say it is reminiscent of their country’s military defeat in the War of 1812-14 with this change being nothing less than their country’s currency surrender just 201 years later.]

Seen as Beneficial to Business and Tourists

The historical effort was spearheaded by C-AM link, a Canada-U.S. consumer and business relations organization. Stationed in Canada, C-AM link has been running an aggressive underground lobby effort directed at U.S. state level lawmakers over the last four years. The breakthrough occurred earlier this year, culminating last month after a series of [secret] government hearings and business and consumer association reached the same conclusion.

“Having only one currency will eliminate the fees associated with exchange and make it easier for cross-border travel preparation. This will benefit businesses as well as tourists,” said Dylan Parkinson, spokesperson for C-AM link.

More than anything, this change will benefit consumers. The direct comparability of prices and wages will increase competition across Canada and the U.S., leading to lower prices for consumers in addition to improved investment opportunities for businesses. “Retail prices will drop and cost of travel will decrease as more Canadians and Americans make their way across the border,” said Parkinson. “It really is a wonderful thing for both nations.”

[Editor’s note: It has also been brought to my attention that “on the same date, the Silver PesoBuck will become available for sale in all states sharing their border with Mexico…Ole” – H/T SeniorD]


(-:OK, OK, there is no way this is actually going to happen! Happy April Fool’s Day from and

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  1. $WEET NEW$
    Did you know that the same date, the Silver PesoBuck will become available for sale inall states sharing their border with Mexico…
    and don’t overlook the reference to BULL fighting…

  2. Not even remotely believable…

  3. thats the trouble when you THINK you have a credible news source and then they pull a gag like this…now my parents are calling me asking if I think this is a hoax…good job munknee…

  4. Didn’t get me …. there would be major headlines first … but good to see how many fall for it !

  5. I didn’t think states could do that without a fuss from the FED! I heard Georgia was one of the states. Anyway, I don’t blame them and other states will follow as well. Some precious metals sites are selling out of silver very fast that I had to get a email alert. One site has a phone you can receive to alert you concerning prices of silver or gold buy price and whenever stock is available.

    Silver and Gold is hitting mainstream and is being purchased quickly! Bye Bye Dollar!

  6. Is this really true or was this an april fools joke? I can’t believe this would be true!