Friday , 3 April 2020

Economic Overviews

Bernanke's Actions – or Inactions – Won't Prevent Coming Collapse! Here's Why

By threatening to drop money out of helicopters to fight deflation - to leave a paperweight on the "print" button if you will - Bernanke convinced the market and all of Wall Street that the Fed would always be there to step in and save the day. [In fact, however,] the whole thing was a bluff meant to prop up the markets - the famed Bernanke Put - and it was a lie. The markets will be realizing this in the coming months, if not sooner, and when they do, we'll see the REAL Collapse: the one to which 2008 was just a warm-up. [Let me explain.] Words: 444

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Fact #6: America – A Super Rich Country With Supersized Hunger Pangs and Supersized Waste

Fact #6: Americans wasted enough food in 2010 to fill 91 Empire State Buildings (33.79 million tons) which was up 16% from a decade ago. The average American wastes 209 to 254 pounds of edible food each year. Meanwhile, more than 17 million American households were considered "food insecure" in 2010, meaning it was difficult to provide enough food for everyone in the family. 46 million Americans, about one in seven people, relied on food stamps.

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Fact #5: 44% of Jobless Are Unemployed Longer Than 6 Months!

This is the 5th in a series of 100 useful facts about big issues facing American voters which are being presented by every day until the election to help Americans debunk myths, hold better conversations, get involved, and make choices as smarter citizens. Today's facts are related to Jobs and the Economy.

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Are We Headed Down the Path to Another Great Depression?

Nowadays, with the global recession on the tip of everybody's tongue, we point out in this infographic some scary similarities between the Great Depression and what is now commonly referred to as the Great Recession...Are we headed down the path to another Great Depression?

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