Friday , 3 April 2020

Economic Overviews

Government Can't Prevent the Next Financial Diaster – Here's Why

Even as I write these words, the world's largest economy — the E.U. — is coming unglued at the seams, the world's second largest — the U.S. — is careening headlong toward a fiscal cliff that promises to gut its GDP, nearly all of Asia — including Japan, China and India — is slowing...and yet most investors still don't get the message. [Let me go on to explain just what that message is.] Words: 1357

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FreedomFest 2012: A World In Turmoil – Will America be Next?

Will America be next? Here at the Daily Bell we believe the West is facing payback time for the forced, non-democratic and now failing EU experiment as well as the central banking cartel inspired fiat money and sovereign debt collapse now wrecking economies and impoverishing the citizens of most nations. [We think] the solution to preserving your wealth, sovereignty and liberty can be found at FreedomFest this July. [Let me tell you more about what issues this emergency meeting will be addressing and who the organizations and major attendees will be. They are very impressive lists.] Words: 516

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Do You Really Want the Truth? OK, Here It Is – But You Won't Like the Conclusion

Damnit, how long do we have put up with this crap? Will we ever have an honest conversation on the facts of the matter related to what's going on in the banking system -- and has been since 2007 and indeed for the last 30 years? ...That's [unlikely] because there has been no recognition of the truth, not in Greece, not in Portugal, not in Ireland and not in the United States and here's truth: Government cannot spend more than it taxes. Period! There is no "if", there is no "and", and there is no "but." All the games played over the last 30 years, were, [and still] are, in fact, scams. Let me explain why. Words: 1700

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