Tuesday , 12 December 2017


Williams: U.S. Can Not Avoid Coming Financial Armageddon

The U.S. economy is in an intensifying inflationary recession that eventually will evolve into a hyperinflationary great depression... [at which time] a $100 bill in the United States will become worth more as functional toilet paper/tissue than as currency. The U.S. government and Federal Reserve already have committed the system to this course through the easy politics of a bottomless pocketbook, the servicing of big-moneyed special interests, and gross mismanagement. The article is long but well worth the read. Words: 3565

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Ian Gordon: LongWave Cycle of Winter to Drive Gold to $4,000/oz.

Investors are beginning to understand that the U.S. dollar is not the safe haven they perceived it was a few years ago and concurrently, neither are U.S. Treasury notes and bonds. Given the American national debt and deficit problems, from both a fundamental and technical perspective, the U.S. greenback has the potential for considerable downside. Ergo and by axiom, gold bullion has significant upside potential to $1,500 per ounce over the short to mid-term time horizon of 1 – 2 years and $4,000 per ounce over the longer term. Words: 1104

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The Fed MUST Inflate Away Debt or Default So MAJOR Inflation IS Coming!

If our assessment is correct, over the coming years, stocks, precious metals, commodities and real-estate will appreciate in value versus paper currencies. Furthermore, on a relative basis, we expect precious metals and commodities to outperform all other asset-classes. Conversely, we anticipate that cash and fixed income instruments will probably turn out to be the worst assets to own over the next decade. Words: 869

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Move Over Japan – U.S. Edging Towards a Deflationary Trap Too

Some analysts suggest that the U.S. is heading into a long period of stagnant growth, in large part because of high unemployment and an overhang of debts that will restrain consumer spending which tends to hold down wages, putting more downward pressure on prices and once deflation sets in, consumers may hoard cash or try to pay off their debts faster, fueling the downward spiral of spending and growth. words: 1105

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Why Deflation is Needed

The odds are growing that low inflation could become deflation — with some economists worried that it has already started to happen... [Frankly, though,] there is going to be no recovery, at least for a long time unless we have deflation... and those who reject [such a notion] will live to regret it. Words: 2148

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More Quantitative Easing Would Have Frightening Side Effects

Like, ‘depression', ‘recession' has become an unacceptable word, because its use would drain confidence even more heavily. The housing market is already tipping into another negative slide with new house sales falling and mortgage rates at record lows. What can be done? We...see more quantitative easing as being unavoidable within three months, if the bad news continues. This time, [however,] we have to ask, can it be managed without frightening side effects? Words: 833

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