Saturday , 21 October 2017


What’s the ‘Real Deal’ About Inflation & Deflation?


The debate over deflation/inflation continues as some of our most astute economic observers take sides. Frankly, I think that both sides are missing part of the picture. The debate concentrates on the after shocks of inflation/deflation: prices instead of the money supply and the demand for it. Words: 721

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Deflation Doesn’t Necessarily Have To Be Bad – Here’s Why


Deflation is often considered a highly unfavorable phenomenon, however there are different types of deflation that have different implications. In other words, the effects of deflation depend to a large extent on the particular context...This article distinguishes between good deflation and bad deflation.

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Deflationary Risks Rising In the U.S. – Here’s Why


Unlike a number of countries in Europe the U.S. is currently not dealing with general price declines but, that being said, the risks of such an occurrence have increased materially. This article outlines a number of such deflationary risks and how they might impact the U.S. economy.

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When the Bubble Bursts It Will Cause Deflation & Drive Widespread Social Unrest – Here’s Why

dollar bubbles

Should we be concerned when tepid economic growth and low inflation are accompanied by increasing public and private debt? Are we borrowing just to stay alive? [As I see it,] national governments will increase national debt loads in order to stay in power until one or more of them default. Then their will be financial panic which will most certainly be deflationary. Here's why.

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