Sunday , 10 December 2017


What Goes Up Exponentially Eventually Drops Like A Stone – Got Gold?


When growth becomes exponential the likelihood is that it won’t last and that there will a substantial move in the opposite direction. This article looks at the unsustainable trends in most asset classes, population numbers, inflation and credit growth and discusses the dire consequences that are most likely to unfold in the years to come as a result.

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The Misery Index Says These Countries Are the Most Miserable In The World

maps of countries

Every year, the Cato Institute publishes a list of the world’s most “miserable countries” by using a simple economic formula to calculate the scores. Described as a Misery Index, the tally for each country can be found by adding the unemployment rate, inflation, and lending rate together, and then subtracting the change in real GDP per capita. The infographic below visualizes the 10 "most miserable" countries in the world.

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Potential Risks That Could Impact Business Internationally


Every year, the World Economic Forum releases an updated list of the top risks to business based on its survey to 750 members of the organization’s global multi-stakeholder community. Today’s charts and graphics from Raconteur sum up the essentials of this year’s Global Risks report to provide a neat and tidy introduction to the potential pitfalls that could impact markets around the globe.

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