Saturday , 23 March 2019


Attn. Trump Economic Transition Team! Here’s 9 Necessary – But Distasteful – Proposals to Correct U.S. Economic Problems

This article presents 9 proposals that I think might actually solve the deficit and debt problems of the U.S., jumpstart its economy, pay for healthcare and other costs, and do so with the least damage to the body politic and economy. I offer these proposals, though, knowing that there will probably not be one person who doesn’t find some of them extremely distasteful - and that includes me. The simple reality, however, is that this is where we find ourselves today: we are left with distasteful choices.

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Expected Benefits of Trump’s Tax Plan

The world of taxation at the personal and corporate level is about to go through a radical overhaul. For the most part, in my view, the forthcoming changes will be positive. With a Republican House and Senate, Mr. Trump has a good shot at having a good number of his tax reforms enacted.

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