Friday , 3 April 2020


China’s Much Ballyhooed Attempt To Transition From A Manufacturing to Service Economy Means…

The Chinese government is [trying to]...transition the economy away from its reliance on manufacturing, which is shrinking, into a service economy [but is failing to accomplish this objective in spite of] a glorious debt-and-stimulus binge for the past few months. [Unfortunately,] these policies [may do nothing more than] add to the already insurmountable mountain of debt [of which] a good part is now going bad.

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Exodus From U.S. Dollar Has Begun – Got Gold?

Before the U.S. dollar became the world's reserve currency that honor was held by Britain, then France, the Netherlands, Spain & Portugal and the U.S. dollar is no less susceptible to succumbing to the same change. In fact, many nations have been actively turning their back on the dollar over the past decade.

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What the Heck is Going on With the Dollar and “Fear”?

People are once again fleeing into gold, silver. They’re dumping the dollar and stocks, and they’re betting big on volatility and fear. The irony is, though, that there is no fear according to the “fear index” that speaks of “complacency”. This utter disregard for reality by stock and bond investors, who now no longer feel the need to be compensated for the risks they’re taking, except at the very riskiest end of the scale, is one of the greatest accomplishments of central banks, and at the same time one of the greatest risks out there.

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Mexico’s Economy Showing Serious Signs Of Strain

Pemex, Mexico’s over-indebted, money-losing state-owned oil giant, appears to be in a state of terminal decline. To survive, it needs some last-minute reprieve or miracle...For the broader Mexican economy, Pemex’s woes are just part of the problem. With the overseas market for Pemex’s oil shrinking,...while the company’s production continues to crumble, Mexico will depend even more on its manufacturing sector but that too, is showing serious signs of strain.

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Stan Druckenmiller: America Is Heading For A Disaster

Stan Druckenmiller had an incredible investing performance (a compounded annualized rate of return of 30% - without a single down year - over a 25 year period) which was rooted in his skills in making macroeconomic forecasts. Applying those skills to an analysis of our current & future economic situation he has concluded that America is heading for a disaster. Here's why.

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Implications of Declining Dollar Will Be Major (+2K Views)

Western central banks, by debasing their currencies, have produced little more than financial ammunition for speculation on a grand scale. We saw the effect of a flood of this accumulation into the dollar over the last 18 months, and we are about to see the opposite effect as it ebbs away. What will the implications be?

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