Tuesday , 17 September 2019


Borrowing Binge & Asset Bubble to Continue Until…Until

History strongly suggests that, rather than a return to a nice, placid world of “normal” interest rates, we are likely to see a continuation of the borrowing binge/asset bubble until real rates spike as a result of either soaring nominal rates soar or plummeting inflation. Here's why that is the case.

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Don’t Be Misled: 15 Fatal Financial Fallacies Worth Noting

Much of the conventional economic wisdom prevailing in financial circles - largely subscribed to as a basis for governmental policy, and widely accepted by the media and the public - is based on incomplete analysis, contra-factual assumptions, and false analogy. Below are 15 such fallacies and explanations as to why each is such.

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It’s Imperative That You Know ALL About Interest Rates! Here’s Why & How To Do So

I read hundreds of financial articles every week and most are nothing more than "financial entertainment" - unfounded forecasts, fear mongering or cheer-leading. That being said, there are a number of articles that are absolutely MUST READS if you are to become an informed investor and be in position to understand what is evolving in the financial environment and act accordingly. Introductory paragraphs and links to a number of them are provided in this post.

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