Sunday , 25 February 2018


Ben Bernanke On the Pros & Cons of Negative Interest Rates


We can't rule out the possibility that, at some point in the next few years, our economy will slow, perhaps significantly. How would the Federal Reserve respond? What tools remain in the monetary toolbox? In this and a subsequent post, I discuss some policy options the Fed might consider, focusing first on negative interest rates.

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The Federal Reserve: What It Is & What It Isn’t


The Federal Reserve system is an imperfect, but rather innovative, clearinghouse. Its structure as, “independent within government,” makes it hard to decipher precisely who owns it but here's my understanding of what it actually is.

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Help Me Sound the Alarm – While We Still Can


Why are so few voices warning the people about what is coming? We stand at the door of a period of distress that will be unlike anything that any of us have ever known before yet, even though the signs are all around us, very few individuals appear to be willing to stand up and sound the alarm...[While I may] get some criticism for this article...I just hope I can inspire [you]... to help warn America (and the world) about what is rapidly approaching. It doesn’t matter if your voice is big or small. What matters is whether or not you are faithful with what you have been given. Let us sound the alarm while we still can, because time is quickly running out.

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Financial Crisis Now Entering A Very Dangerous Phase


Soon the problems in the world economy are likely to resume with a vengeance leading rapidly falling asset markets and currencies. Gold and silver will move up very strongly. The lucky few who can afford some physical gold will weather the storm better financially - but no one will escape the suffering that will hit the world in coming years.

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Big Banks Blatantly “Harvesting” Your Money! Got Physical Gold?


When prices are set by companies that can profit by manipulating or rigging them, we’re screwed. This “harvesting” of our money in ever-more-creative and hard-to-detect ways is not just stealing by reaching a hand into our pocket and taking out money, but stealing in which banks can hit a few keystrokes and magically make whatever is in our pocket worth less. This is corruption at the molecular level of the economy - space age stealing - and it’s only just coming into view.

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6 Tax Haven “Facts” Debunked!


Politicians from high-tax nations as well as international bureaucracies such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) want to stamp out low-tax jurisdictions. Today, we’re going to puncture some anti-tax haven myths.

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Negative Interest Rates Will Likely Hurt, Not Help, Economic & Financial Stability – Here’s Why


There’s a view in some policy circles that easy monetary policy is goodInterest-Rates for an economy, and the more stimulus you add, the better...This latest stimulus is taking the form of negative interest rates, or charging banks to park their cash with the expectation that this will spur lending and economic growth...In my opinion, however, negative rates—or high rental costs for money storage—are excessive and more likely to hurt, rather than help, economic and financial stability. Here are a few reasons why:

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