Tuesday , 12 December 2017


6 Tax Haven “Facts” Debunked!


Politicians from high-tax nations as well as international bureaucracies such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) want to stamp out low-tax jurisdictions. Today, we’re going to puncture some anti-tax haven myths.

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Negative Interest Rates Will Likely Hurt, Not Help, Economic & Financial Stability – Here’s Why


There’s a view in some policy circles that easy monetary policy is goodInterest-Rates for an economy, and the more stimulus you add, the better...This latest stimulus is taking the form of negative interest rates, or charging banks to park their cash with the expectation that this will spur lending and economic growth...In my opinion, however, negative rates—or high rental costs for money storage—are excessive and more likely to hurt, rather than help, economic and financial stability. Here are a few reasons why:

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The Republican/Austrian & Democrat/Keynesian Divide


It is understandable why there is such a major divide between Republicans and Democrats in America when one examines their diametrically opposed, and seemingly irreconcilable, Keynesian and Austrian economic views. This article explains the different approaches to fiscal policy for each party and why he thinks one approach is better than the other based on research on the subject.

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LOOK! Financial System Collapsing Right Before Our Eyes


The most common question I hear is "when". When does the system collapse? When will we experience a re-set? I think this is a very odd question because if you stand back far enough you should be able to see that you are, in actuality, watching it! We are all so close and watching day by day movements, we are missing the big picture. The collapse is happening right before your eyes. "When" is a process and you are watching history!

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Fed May Catapult Gold To +$8,000ozt. Here’s Why


In 2016 we can expect more QE and when that doesn't defeat deflation (driven by global over-indebtedness), further unorthodox measures will be taken (i.e. helicopter money) and eventually there will be a gold revaluation to $8,000/ozt.

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U.S. Gov’t Debt Now $19 Trillion & Counting! Here’s Why You Should Care


The United States government has now officially accumulated $19 trillion in debt but most of the mainstream new sources that have printed this news still aren't sounding the alarm. After all, what's another $1 trillion in debt when the government can just keep printing? The problem is, however, that the government owes most of this debt to you and, once the government is eventually pushed to default, you're going to be the one on the hook for it.

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Inside Scoop: World Economic Forum To Replace Word “debt” With “agfok”


This year's World economic Forum proposes adding a new word to the English language motivated by a recognition that the word ‘debt’, as defined by Merriam Webster, implies something that is owed and will be paid back and that his definition is becoming a very Inconvenient Truth for the world’s bankers and politicians. It has been proposed that the word “debt” be replaced with the word “agfok”, an acronym for “A Gift For Our Kids”.

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