Sunday , 22 September 2019


5 Surefire Signs You Have Too Much Debt

Your credit card bills may not be keeping you up at night yet, but if you analyze your financial situation, you may find that you are closer to the edge than you think. Here are 5 warning signs that you have way too much debt:

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The NFL Has Entered Decline Phase – Here’s Why

As the chart below shows, viewership in the NFL has been sliding for years across the entire demographic spectrum so it begs the question: How will the owners and managers of the multi-billion-dollar NFL empire handle the league's decline phase?

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Should You Pay Your Mortgage Off Early?

...Should you pay off your mortgage early either by paying extra dollars toward your loan's principal balance or by paying off the rest of your mortgage in one giant payment if you had the opportunity to do so or are there times when not paying off your mortgage early actually makes sense? Not surprisingly, it depends on a host of factors. Here is what you should look at when determining whether paying off your mortgage early is the best choice.

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