Tuesday , 18 February 2020


7 Traps to Avoid With Your 401(k)

When used properly, an employer-sponsored 401(k) can be a powerful tool to save for your retirement years, but there are a couple of crucial pitfalls that you have to watch out for...Here is a list of potential downsides to 401(k) plans — and how to work around them.

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5 Important Tax Changes for 2017 – Be Aware

The U.S. tax code is constantly evolving. This means that each new year brings a slew of changes that taxpayers need to remember when filing their taxes. Here is a look at five of the most important tax changes from last year, and what they'll mean to you as you file your taxes this April.

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Want Your Investments to Do Better? Here’s How

If you pay close attention to investment news, it'll either make you laugh or it'll drive you bonkers. Within the same hour, and on the same market news website, you will often see completely contradictory articles. One says the market is headed higher; the next says the market is about to tank. Q: What's a smart investor to do? A: Be very careful about your information diet.

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8 Signs You’re Paying Too Much for Your Mortgage

Buying a home can be a great step along the path to financialreal-estate1 freedom, but it can also become a burden if you're not careful. A mortgage can be a heavy weight on your finances if you either buy a house you can't afford, or get locked into unfavorable loan terms. Here's how to tell if your mortgage is too expensive.

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