Thursday , 19 September 2019


Social Security: When to Take It & Will it Survive?

Although I have a few years before I am eligible for Social Security, I’m close enough that I am now thinking about three key issues: 1.At what age to start claiming it; 2.Whether it will still be there when I request it; and, regardless of Social Security, much does one need to live on in retirement?

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“Crexit” Is Upon Us – Caution is Warranted

“Crexit:” a credit crunch brought about by plunging bond prices, soaring losses, an implosion in China’s high-risk debt markets, and a reversal of all the “yield chase” trades investors have flocked to in the last couple of years. That's what S&P's debt analysis team fears is about to unfold with the acceleration in corporate debt and That tells me there’s more going on beneath the surface – and that caution is still warranted when it comes to your investing strategy.

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Citizenship for Sale: Economic Citizenship Programs Around the World

There has been a proliferation of so-called citizenship-by-investment or economic citizenship programs that allow individuals from all over the world to legitimately acquire passports and more and more countries have joined the game. Below are the terms and conditions, by country, for acquiring such a passport.

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Bancopalypse 2.0 May Be Upon Us – Soon

The banking crisis of 2008 never fully healed. It just got shuffled under the carpet while the public was fed a phony narrative that everything was fantastic which turned out to be a gigantic farce; many of the world’s banking systems are just as risky as they were back in 2008.

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Decline & Fall of Deutsche Bank Becoming Fast & Furious

It’s been almost 10 years in the making, but the fate of one of Europe’s most important financial institutions appears to be sealed. After a hard-hitting sequence of scandals, poor decisions, and unfortunate events, Frankfurt-based Deutsche Bank shares are now down -48% on the year to $12.60, which is a record-setting low. Even more stunning is the long-term view of the German institution’s downward spiral. With a modest $15.8 billion in market capitalization, shares of the 147-year-old company now trade for a paltry 8% of its peak price in May 2007. Today's infographic illustrates the timeline of the fall of one of Europe’s most iconic financial institutions.

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