Wednesday , 26 February 2020


It’s Almost Guaranteed the U.S. Economy & Dollar Will Collapse In Next 4 Years

Dark clouds are now moving in fast across the world and this coming autumn could be very troublesome both for the world economy as well as geopolitically and socially. The combined risks are now higher than at any time in world history. When risks are high, it is advisable to stay away from bubble markets but, sadly, the investment world loves owning things that are priced high, totally ignoring the massive loss potential.

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Two Interest Rate Hikes, Rather Than One, Could Be In The Cards – Here Are The Ramifications

A number of officials from the central bank have already suggested that two rate rises are possible this year, and now economists and investors assessing the economic data are also leaning in favor of two hikes. The quid pro quo for rising interest rates is a strengthening US Dollar Index and if that does indeed happen then it would really hammer Wall Street equities – especially high-yielding dividend stocks.

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Rebalance Your Portfolio Periodically – Here’s Why

Rebalancing is a form of both risk management and a systematic way to carry out a contrarian investment strategy. The entire point of allocating money to different investments in a thoughtful way is to create a risk-return profile that balances out your long-term objectives with your short-term comfort level. Deviating from that risk-return profile can be a huge behavioral risk if you’re not aware of how it can change your portfolio’s composition.

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Canadian Home Prices Give Me the “Heebeejeebies” – Here’s Why

The price of an average (benchmark) home in Vancouver, Canada is $1,400,000 which is 30.1% higher than it was a year ago. Yes, 30.1%! Everything seems rosy when riding a hot investment until one thing goes awry. We never seem to know what that'll be, but experienced money managers usually get the heebeejeebies just before it happens -and that's what is happening these days.

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3 Hidden Signs of Surging Credit Stress

I’m here with a major warning — a warning about hidden signs of surging credit stress. In fact, I haven’t seen these kinds of dangerous credit market moves since the weeks and months leading up to the great credit crisis.

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