Tuesday , 18 June 2019


The U.S. Dollar Is Toast! Gold Could Rally By 50%

As the dollar strengthens gold weakens & as the dollar falls, gold rises - .and it is my firm belief that the dollar is toast. If the dollar falls to the same magnitude which it has in previous interest rate cycles, we could see gold rally by 50%.

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The Decline of the USD & Rise Of An IMF – SDR Basket Of Currencies

American balance of trade deficits will start to hurt and haunt the U.S. as the world migrates to a series of arrangements for trade beyond the USD (although the USD will continue to function as the lead foreign exchange/reserve and trade currency for sometime yet) and the introduction of an IMF-SDR basket of currencies.

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What Does “Trillion” Mean – Other Than Being A “Humongous” Number?

Then the next time you hear the word "trillion" used in relation to government debt, the financial markets or the latest corporate takeover price take a step back. Then think again about the foregoing comparators. Finally, think again about the economic, business and financial markets content you are hearing, reading or seeing and the humongous numbers that are being bandied about without context.

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Will China Introducing A Yuan-denominated Gold Price Fix Be Bullish For Gold?

On April 19th China introduced a yuan-denominated gold benchmark on the Shanghai Gold Exchange in a move to become an even bigger player in the global gold market. Gold transactions to be conducted without dollars, separate from the New York and London metals exchanges that have dominated the gold market for decades. Will that be bullish for gold as so many analysts think?]

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Digix: This New Crypto-currency Is Backed By Gold!

Gold investors have been slow and cautious to adopt crypto-currencies such as bitcoin seeing them as false competition to real money such as gold and silver. The major argument from gold bugs has been that bitcoin is not backed by anything tangible [but] that has all changed with the recent introduction of Digix - the gold standard in peer-to-peer digital assets because it is literally backed by gold.

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