Thursday , 23 January 2020


Are You a “Greater Fool” These Days?

It does not matter if stocks are insanely overvalued as long as there's a foolish participant who is willing to pay a higher price. That's the essence of the "greater fool theory" and, right now, there are more foolish buyers who want "in the game" than risk-reducing sellers who want to scale back.

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The Reality on Main Street Is As Clear As the Nose On Your Face!

The only reason that I can come up with that would have the Fed raise rates is that it wants to crash the markets. Why? Because Main Street is not doing well as the Price to Sales ratio chart below clearly shows. The Fed, and the markets, are stuck and those who are fully invested now will probably get creamed if a negative catalyst like Donald Trump becoming President happens, as he would surly cause instability and rock the government institutions.

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Why & How Oil Prices Fluctuate

To understand why and how oil prices fluctuate take a look at today’s infographic from which illustrates the many different issues - supply and demand, weather, technology, geopolitics, as well as other factors - that make oil prices fluctuate.

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The U.S. Dollar vs. Gold: Which Is the Best Store of Value?

Have you ever heard the statement, perspective is everything? Well with money, it’s no different. Looking through the foggy lens of dollar money you will get a distorted and unclear vision of the world and its affairs. Walking through life with foggy dollar lenses could lead to a very bumpy ride. Looking through the lens of gold, however, will bring precision and clarity...

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Which Of These Online Brokers Is Best For You?

If you want to buy stocks, options, mutual funds, or ETFs, you're going to have to use some sort of broker and online brokers, at least for the individual investor, are definitely the way to go. They have cheaper fees and commissions, offer analytical tools, and have made it almost too easy to buy and sell stocks. This article [presents 10 brokers that] I have either used, tried, or seriously considered myself and is intended as a jumping off point for you to do your own research and find what broker offers the best fit for your own investing style.

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4 Tricks Some Financial Advisors Use On Their Clients

Trust is obviously a huge aspect of any client relationship in the financialinvesting6 services industry, but there are some red flags people can look for to make sure their outsourced investment advice isn’t coming from a charlatan. Here are four tricks the finance industry plays on their clients.

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