Sunday , 15 September 2019


Open Your Eyes! These Signs Suggest Another Financial Crisis Is Coming Down the Road!

Our debt today approaches $19 trillion dollars -it was only 10 trillion dollars during the financial crisis of 2008 - yet, once again, main street has fallen into a stupor state incapable of comprehending another financial crisis. Totally ignored is the fact that our real debt is closer to a not-so-normal $166 trillion. Throw in a few hundred trillion of derivative debt, held by our largest financial institutions and the reality is so incomprehensible it has become deniable - despite all the signs another crisis approaches. What are those signs? The time has come to open our eyes to reality and see the signs that clearly mark the path on which we travel to the end of the road.

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Americans: Here’s Help On How To Position Your Portfolio For Tax-Efficient Investing

As the income tax filing deadline f[or U.S. citizens] looms this month, many of us already have an idea of how painful April 15 will (or will not) be. If Uncle Sam took a big bite, it may be worth reviewing for next year’s tax season to see whether you’re doing everything you can to retain the most of your investment income. If you haven’t filed, however, there is still time to open or contribute to an IRA account that may help shrink your taxable income. This article presents 4 questions whose answers could] help position your portfolio for tax-efficient investing and do consider exhausting the limits on the strategies outlined below.

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Now Is Not the Time To Be Living On the Financial Edge – Are You?

U.S. consumers accumulated more new credit card debt during the 4th quarter of 2015 than they did during the years of 2009, 2010 and 2011 combined. That is absolutely insanity, because other than payday loans, credit card debt is just about the worst kind of debt that consumers could possibly go into. Extremely high rates of interest, combined with severe penalties and fees, can choke the financial life out of almost any family in no time at all.

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