Saturday , 22 September 2018


How Money Is Laundered Around the World – A Beginner’s Guide

From corrupt politicians and drug cartels to tax cheats and alimony deadbeats, everybody’s laundering money these days. Let’s say you have a little spare cash and you would prefer to keep it out of the grubby hands of various tax authorities, or you don’t want your spouse to know about it, or your kids. Fear not. With a little financial detergent, your dirty money can be rendered more or less untraceable. Here's how.

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Protect Yourself From A Future Windfall Profits Tax On Gold – Here’s How

Many have speculated that the U.S. government could once again turn to gold confiscation/nationalization if it became desperate enough. These fears are not unfounded given the abysmal financial situation of the U.S. government that only continues to get worse, coupled with a total lack of political will to cut spending but would the U.S. government really turn to a 1933-style grab again? I would argue that they wouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean the threat to your gold has diminished. Quite the opposite. [This articles identifies what they might well do.]

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It’s Imperative That You Know ALL About Interest Rates! Here’s Why & How To Do So

I read hundreds of financial articles every week and most are nothing more than "financial entertainment" - unfounded forecasts, fear mongering or cheer-leading. That being said, there are a number of articles that are absolutely MUST READS if you are to become an informed investor and be in position to understand what is evolving in the financial environment and act accordingly. Introductory paragraphs and links to a number of them are provided in this post.

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Here’s How To Set Up A Risk Averse Retirement Plan

One of the most difficult challenges of transitioning to retirement from the working world is a complete change in mindset with regards to an investment portfolio. You go from being a saver to a spender. There’s no future income or nearly as much time to soften the blow from bear markets. Growth is still necessary but you have to be cognizant of the fact that you’ll need to protect some of your assets for spending purposes. Here's an interesting case study in how to approach this change in mindset.

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Stock Market Volatility Could Ruin Your Retirement – Here’s Why

With markets so calm, it’s easy to become complacent about the corrosive effects that volatility can have on long-term investment success. If you don’t need the money for a long time, you can ride out the inevitable market squalls but if you’re close to or already drawing from those funds, volatility can be costly...Let me explain further.

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Effects of 2008 Recession STILL Affecting Majority of Americans – How About You?

The Fed has just released a 200 page study on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2013 that reveals that 52% of the respondents to the survey said they did not have a mere $400 in savings for an unexpected emergency. That suggests to me that over half the county is on a paycheck-to-paycheck struggle. Below are my key findings from the survey presented in a concise easy to understand format.

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