Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Personal Finance

15 Criteria for Choosing an Investment Advisor


An investment advisor friend of mine recently asked me to summarize for him the criteria I would use if I were looking to identify an investment advisor to work with and I came up with 15 characteristics I would look for in what for me would be an 'ideal investment advisor' which I would like to share with you. Words: 679

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Use These 11 Math Equations & Budget Like A Genius


Math class seemed pointless back in the day, but it turns out all those confusing equations are quite useful....We've rounded up 11 math equations that can be used every single day. Write them down, whip out your pencil, and prepare to budget like a genius.

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Getting Lost in the Investment Maze? Get a New GPS


Getting from point A to point B in the real world can be quite simple. In the investment world, the roadways are constantly shifting. Changes in interest rates, tax policies, unemployment, fiscal initiatives can represent obstacles and navigating these winding paths can require your very own GPS advice. Words: 494

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6+2 Tips Most CEOs Would Give Their Younger Selves


Top leaders have managed to conquer challenges, shed their shortcomings, and grow both their skills and their net worth. They have made mistakes and learned from them. We wondered what some of the wealthiest CEOs would tell their younger selves, and found 6+2 gems worth passing on.

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