Thursday , 19 September 2019


2017 Gold Price Forecast: $1,000ozt – Here’s Why

With the price of gold and silver coming down sharply, many investors are asking what the future price of gold will be. Although we do not pretend to have a crystal ball, we observe sufficient signals in the charts to suggest that the future price of gold points to $1,000/ozt as the most likely 2017 forecast.

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Why Has Gold Dropped? What Does the Future Hold?

Many people assumed that with Donald Trump winning the election that gold would rocket beyond $1400 yet gold has actually DROPPED since the election. With gold experts and analysts scratching their heads, we offer our opinion on what is going on with gold and how gold investors should position themselves moving forward.

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Gold: 2016 Price Action Similarity To 1976 Suggests Future Price of $8-$10,000/ozt.

In this article, I compare the price action of gold in 2016 to another, older, critical period in the history of the gold market: 1976. I am not saying...that we will necessarily repeat the experience of the 1976 - 1980 gold bull market (if we did, we would see gold rocket to $8,000-$10,000 a troy ounce in the years ahead), but I do expect an enormous bull market for gold in the years ahead. Whether that means $3,000 or $6,000 or $8,000 a troy ounce, I cannot say for certain.

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This Currency-Neutral Measure of the Gold Price Suggests The Gold Bull Market Will Continue

One of the challenges of analyzing trends in the gold price and the gold market is the effect of fluctuating currency exchange rates on the price. What we think of as the "gold price" is really just the gold price measured in U.S. dollars. What is needed is a single metric to look at for a currency-neutral measure of the gold price that removes the effect of the U.S. dollar and I have identified a ratio that does just that and it reveals that one should maintain confidence that the gold bull market will continue, and not to be overly worried by the recent correction in the price of gold and mining stocks. Word count: 532

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