Tuesday , 26 September 2017


Retraction: Armstrong Says Gold Has NOT Bottomed


What Mr. Armstrong writes in his articles is done so poorly it is almost always confusing and often virtually incomprehensible but it has a way of providing cover for what he says. A case in point is the inference in an article last week that gold had bottomed, would begin to rise substantially sometime after Oct. 1st and eventually reach $5,000+ sometime during 2016. His latest article disclaims those inferences. Here's what he now says by way of clarification:

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Analysts: Gold Will Bottom Somewhere Between $725 & $1,000/ozt.


Much has been written over the past few months as to just where gold (and silver) is headed. In light of the recent significant drop in price below is substantiation for such a decline and several projections as to where the price correction will bottom out and the timeframe for such price action.

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Noonan: Trade Gold & Silver By These Rules and Make Money – GUARANTEED!


Not every trade will necessarily result in a profit, but over a series of trades you will make money, guaranteed, if you have a defined set of rules that captures the full range of trading opportunities discussed in this article. Trading is a business and needs to be treated like one where you are the center of every decision.

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What’s Up (er… down) With Gold These Days?


Gold is universally recognized as a safe-haven investment, a go-to asset class when others look uncertain but this week has been a particularly rocky one for the metal, even with Greece and Puerto Rico’s debt dilemmas, not to mention the recent Shanghai stock market decline. In fact, gold has traded down for 10 straight sessions to end the week at its lowest point in more than 5 years.

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