Monday , 24 April 2017


100% of My Portfolio Continues To Be Invested In Natural Resources – Here’s Why


I put almost all of my eggs in one basket - precious metals, energy and agriculture - with the bulk being in precious metals 10 years ago. These investments are diversified only in that they span physical, geography and company size. What I did has stood the test of time and, I expect, will hold me in good stead whatever happens in the years to come. Let me explain why I thought it was a good idea back then and still think it is today.

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Gold Measurements “Troy” & “Karat”: What Do They Mean?

World's First 100-kg, .99999% Pure Gold Bullion Coin

You have no doubt read countless articles on the price of gold costing x dollars per “troy ounce" or perhaps just x dollars per “ounce” but the difference between the two measurements is significant. For that matter, what’s the difference between a 24 karat gold ring and an 18 karat gold ring? Let me explain.

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Be Patient: Gold Stocks Will Soon Go Vertical – Again!


Gold stocks will soon go vertical again—just as they have many times in the past—and investors with just a smidgen of patience will see their gold portfolios driven by a hurricane-force bull market. Virtually all gold stocks will go much higher. As in the past, gains for the strongest juniors will be 10-to-1, and you can expect a few superstars to return 100-to-1.

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Next Cycles For Gold & Silver Are UP – Prepare Now


The resource markets (including gold & silver) are well known for moving in cycles...Raging bull markets & crippling bear markets, repeat. The data doesn’t tell us exactly when gold & silver will enter their respective upcycles, nor how big they will be, but it does tell us this: new bull cycles are coming. Let me explain further.

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U.S. Dollar Crash Coming – Go For Gold!


Where the gold skeptics have their argument wrong is their belief in the almighty dollar. If the U.S. dollar crashed then gold prices would undoubtedly surge as the only credible rival safe haven currency, except perhaps the Swiss franc and the crashing of the U.S. dollar is not an unrealistic expectation. Let me explain.

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