Sunday , 19 November 2017


Why the Pessimists May Be Right. What That Means For Gold & Silver

forecasting crystal ball

Predictions that a crash will occur in the fall of 2015 have been gaining traction bolstered by market events of this summer which suggest that something big is indeed unfolding....The question before investors now is whether the pessimists will be right. Will the doom-and-gloom scenarios play out? Their arguments are worth considering, keeping in mind that nobody knows the future and that market forecasts are, at best, educated guesses. Read on!

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Gold: Schizophrenia Reigns Supreme – Here’s Why


Gold is in a tough situation right now. It is an enigma and it is suffering from an identity crisis. It does not know whether it wants to be a commodity or a currency...sometimes its price reflects its position as a commodity and other times as a currency. These days gold is struggling with both these roles...and when it decides what it wants to be there will be a price adjustment. I believe that adjustment is coming soon and that it will take the price lower. Here's why.

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Gold Price Forecasters Always Get It Wrong – Here’s Why


When it comes to market sentiment, gold is at the bottom of the barrel as almost everyone is predicting a complete collapse in the gold price and is falling all over each other to predict the new and lowest price for gold. Why is that so? What does it all mean? Read on!

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The Gold-Silver Ratio: Here’s What It Indicates Could Happen Soon


The gold-silver ratio is the relative valuation of the two precious metals, and in consideration of the described trading pattern it can provide an indication of the maturity of a bull or bear cycle. Market tops for gold and silver are typically accompanied by low gold-silver ratios (silver outpacing to the upside), and market bottoms are typically accompanied by tops in the gold-silver ratio (silver outpacing to the downside). So what is the gold-silver ratio saying these days?

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Gold Will Soon Revert To Bear Mode Trading On Way To $880/ozt.


If gold were to start moving appreciably higher it would damn all paper currencies...and given the current fragile state of the global economic landscape...governments around the world simply cannot, and will not, allow that to happen. They sit on big stocks of gold and, if necessary, they will use those reserves as a tool to crush rallies. I believe, therefore, that gold will soon revert to bear mode trading. My price target remains at the $880 level.

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Perhaps Now’s the Time To Go BIG On Gold – Here’s Why


Stan Druckenmiller has made a career out of making big calls and he has just made a huge bet on gold that indicates that he thinks the bottom is finally in. Why should you care? Because he is one of the world’s most successful and respected traders. Perhaps you should do the same. Here's why.

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