$8,000/ozt Gold Is Possible (likely?) Here’s Why

You can either wait on the sideline and watch gold and silver prices skyrocket in the coming months and years and look back in regret, or you can diversify a portion of your portfolio to precious metals now, before the next financial earthquake or stagflation destroy your financial future. The choice is yours - you can triple your money at the very minimum if you think ahead and act now and buy gold.

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Cryptocurrencies are the biggest Ponzi scheme in modern history. It is very similar to chain letters or pyramid schemes. The issuers make tons of money as well as many of the speculators who get in early. In the end, the whole thing will collapse and late entrants will lose everything.

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Gold: Going To $10,000?

What will drive the gold price to new record highs over the coming months and years? We look at the dangerous developments in monetary policies. macro-economics and geo-political tensions that make an allocation to physical gold prudent for both investors and those with pensions.

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