Sunday , 22 October 2017

Gold & Silver

10 Largest Gold Reserves By Country: Where Does Your Country Rank?


According to the latest report from the World Gold Council, central banks added 336.2 tonnes of gold to their reserves in the second half of 2015, up from 252.1 tonnes in the first half of the year. Using the WGC's data, we put together a list of the biggest gold hoarders out there. Check them out below.

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Gold Will Reach $2,500/ozt In the Near Future – and $10,000 Thereafter


After two years of declines, many investors sold their gold holdings and vowed never to invest in gold again. However, in the fall of 1976, gold began an ascent that saw it rise 750%, peaking at $850 a troy ounce three years and four months later. After a 3-year correction, the same opportunity to buy low exists today, just as it did in 1976.

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Don’t Ignore Silver; Its Time has Come!

10 Ounce Silver Bullion Bars

Gold and silver generally move in sync with each other and tend to move in the same direction. The relationship is such that there’s even an indicator that measures it – the gold/silver ratio. Many investors use the ratio to spot extremes in the pricing of either precious metal, and to spot trends, whether up or down. The ratio currently sits at approx. 80:1 and suggests that silver has some catching up to do.

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