Monday , 24 September 2018


Silver Could Drop to $7 in Coming Recession! Here’s Why

Silver is not a safe investment. Just because prices are low now does not mean the bottom is in. Investing in this metal is pure speculation with very little fundamental support. If the U.S economy stays strong silver has little upside and may lose speculation premium when interest rates are cut but if the economy collapses silver prices will crash along with every other commodity.

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Noonan: Gold & Silver Appear To Be At A Turning Point

There has been clear change in developing market activity that is favorable for gold and silver, both having the best and strongest recent rally since the 2011 highs. The rallies were also accompanied by the strongest volume increases over the past few years, another positive sign.

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History Says We Could See $3,000 Gold & $75 Silver

Precious metals have posted their best quarter in nearly 30 years and mining stocks are soaring from oversold multi-year lows. Those that were willing to buy when everyone else was selling have been handsomely rewarded in 2016 but we believe the gains are just getting started. In fact, gold would need to climb to somewhere around $3,000 per ounce to match the gains that gold experienced after bouncing from its prior bottoms and silver would need to climb towards $75 per ounce.

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Silver

If you routinely invest in gold while paying little attention to its less-expensive little brother, you might be missing out. Silver has performed very well in 2016—up about 20% and is expected to go much much higher over the short and long term for the following 3 reasons. Words: 412

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Silver Now Represents An Historic Investment Opportunity

I believe that the price of silver will eventually go over $100 a troy ounce and when that happens, those that got in today will be exceedingly happy with their returns. Others are projecting even greater gains. I am fully convinced that silver is a wonderful investment for the mid to long term.

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Don’t Be Surprised By A Sudden, Strong Movement In Price of Silver – Here’s Why

Silver is undervalued these days but has shown over time that it can jump up in price with sudden, strong movements. Today’s infographic, which covers silver’s biggest win and loss streaks since 1970, really helps to show the magnitude of this volatility. In fact, silver has gone on 58 such runs where it jumped more than 10% in price in a mere matter of days. Take a look.

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