Monday , 23 October 2017


This New Fund Invests Exclusively In Physical Silver Bullion Which Is Allocated & Insured


Bullion Management Group Inc. has expanded its line of bullion funds with the launch of BMG Silver BullionFund. It invests exclusively in physical silver bullion and is designed for investors seeking to add silver to their precious metals investments for long-term security and potential capital growth. For details on this unique investment product please read the abbreviated press release below.

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Relax! Gold Pricing Going According to Script – Down & then UP! Here’s Why


The spike in gold/silver mining stocks convinced a lot of people that a new bull market had begun but last week's brutal smack-down scared the hell out of many of the same folks. The latest commitment of traders (COT) report, however, implies that we should all relax. Things are playing out pretty much according to a script that's been in place for decades - and which points to happy times by early next year. Let me be more explicit.

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Gold & Silver ETFs vs. Physical Bullion: What’s the Difference?


Investors wisely seeking exposure to precious metals must deliberate between the convenience of buying shares of an electronically traded fund (ETF) and the ultimate security of owning physical gold and silver bullion. We tasked ourselves to take a closer look at each to understand their important distinctions.

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