Tuesday , 24 October 2017

Asset Allocation

If You Own Stocks Then This Article Is a MUST Read


Don’t be one of the people who don’t understand the vital importance of the bond market and what it’s telling you right now. This knowledge could help you avoid a huge hit to your net worth over the next 12-24 months. Here’s why.

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Don’t Like Stocks Or Bonds? Here Are 9 Alternative (Crazy?) Suggestions


When it comes to traditional investments, most people think of online trading, buying stocks, bonds, mutual funds...etc. However, the fact of the matter is that there are all sorts of...[other] investment options out there. Some might sound completely crazy to some, while others may be a bit more in the realm of reality...[but] many people have made good chunks of money off of such alternative investments.

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Get Informed: Greatest Wealth Transfer In History Coming


We are in the early stages of a great debt default - the largest in U.S. history - and we know roughly the size and scope of the coming default wave because we know the history of the U.S. corporate debt market. Rising default rates, rising interest rates on corporate debt, and falling stock prices don’t need to be a crisis for you, personally, however, if you become informed and strike when the time is right. Read on!

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Five Reasons to Consider Gold Now


My case for gold is based on asset allocation, with stocks making up the lion’s share of a growth portfolio with gold in a small minority position (maybe 5% to 10%) to balance a portfolio...Below are my 5 reasons to consider gold now.

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