Sunday , 25 February 2018


A Mauldin Masterpiece That EVERY Investor & Financial Advisor Should Read: Earnings Expectations Are A Shell Game


It’s quarterly report time for US stocks and companies continue to beat expectations even as earnings are falling? Their apparent success is explained partly by the fact that earnings reporting is a shell game, partly by the fact that not all businesses and industries are doing equally well, and partly by really bad earnings forecasting by the “experts.” This insightful article reviews just how crazy the whole earnings game is.

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Strong Zinc Price Should Continue to Benefit These 3 Silver Juniors


The silver juniors on our list today have diversified portfolios in terms of minerals in their projects, and zinc is one of them. With strong cash positions compared to accounts payable and each junior currently producing or set to start production by 2018, these names should be in good shape to continue to benefit from zinc’s run.

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Low Price/Book Ratios Suggest These 4 Small Cap Stocks Poised to Climb


A low P/B ratio can signal an undervalued company, but it can also be brought on by a number of negative events. The companies on our list today, however, have tangible asset based on the nature of their operations, positive net income and relatively small amounts of debt, so the P/B ratio can still be applied and used to hopefully unlock some value.

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