Sunday , 19 May 2019


2 Surefire Ways to Make Loads of Money Investing In the Stock Market

The majority of individual investors base their investing decisions on two emotions that rule the market - fear and greed - and, as a result, end up losing money more often...[than making] money. That being said, if you can keep your emotions in check you can take advantage of other investors emotions - irrational exuberance - and make yourself some easy money. It's a surefire way to make loads of money investing in the stock market.

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Is This the “Mother Of All Blow-Offs?” Probably

Is this the “Mother Of All Blow-Offs?” Probably. Historically, this is the type of market behavior which has marked the blow-off top of speculative manias and has preceded serious market accidents. Chasing the price-momentum higher and waiting for a bigger idiot to buy shares from you works well until the music stops. Then everyone gets hurt.

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