Sunday , 25 February 2018

Stock Indices

Are You Really Making Money In the Current Bull Market? REALLY ?!


Earnings may be a consideration when investing in the stock market, but whether you make money or not depends on the extent of monetary inflation. The rate of inflation has been twice that of the gains seen in the Dow Jones since 1920 but currently, while Wall Street may be seeing a “bull market”, the inflation adjusted returns investors receive from rising share prices aren’t compensating them for the decline in purchasing power the dollars their profits are denominated in. [Let me explain further.]

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China’s Equity Markets Going Absolutely Ballistic!


The speculative fervor in China's equity markets is spreading. The Shanghai Composite has cleared the 5000 mark after hovering just above 2000 around six months ago. This rally has been nothing short of spectacular. HERE are some key trends that point to just how heated the market has become.

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What Does the Forward PE Ratio Tell Us – REALLY?


The forward price/earnings (PE) ratio is probably the most popular way to measure value in the stock market - when the forward PE is above average, the market is expensive and future returns will be low and, when the PE ratio is below average, the market is cheap and future returns will be high. Putting such popular rules of thumb aside, what does the forward PE really tell us?

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