Thursday , 9 April 2020

Stock Indices

Several Excellent Financial Articles From This Week That You Probably Missed – Take a Look

We are bombarded by a cacophony of poorly thought out and poorly written and presented economic, financial and investment "information" every day of our extremely busy and complicated lives. No wonder we miss some great articles in the process. Don't worry, though, because we have the time and resources to do it for you. Below are several articles from this week that you probably missed which are well worth your attention. Enjoy.

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New Hindenburg Omen Suggests Stock Market Crash Coming Within 4 Months!

If we have an official Hindenburg Omen then a critical set of market conditions necessary for a stock market crash exists - and such occurred on Dec.2nd. We now have a much higher-than-random probability of a stock market crash, or at the very least a significant decline, starting sometime over the next four months.

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What Would An Interest Rate Hike In 2015 Mean For Stocks?

Sooner or later, the Federal Reserve will begin normalizing monetary policy, which means higher interest rates are coming, and this has investors rightfully worried because higher rates mean higher interest costs, which should be bad for profits and ultimately stocks. New research, however, suggests that a severe S&P reaction to such hikes is to be expected. Here's why.

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