Wednesday , 24 October 2018

Stock Indices

Stock Market Looking Too Good To Be True! Here's Why

From a historical standpoint, the dividend yield of 2% on the S&P 500 is too low. It smacks of a stock market top and underscores the point that the market is too optimistic in the sense that investors are willing to forgo yield because they assume that they will get the return via the capital gain. The last time S&P yields were around this level was in the summer of 2000, and we know what happened shortly after that! Words: 888

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History Suggests Stocks Should Go Up Approx. 18% in 2011! Here's Why

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the U.S. economy in 2011 [but not for U.S. stocks if the history of] the Presidential Cycle is any indication. The third year of a president’s [four year] term is typically the strongest producing an average annual gain of 14.12% for the S&P 500 and, under Democratic leadership, that number moves even higher to an average gain of 17.7%! Words: 436

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Cycle Charts for the Dow, Gold and Oil Most Revealing!

Larry Edelson's proprietary cycle analyses suggests that we could experience declines in the Dow 30 and S&P 500 to 9,000 and 1,000, respectively, by April of 2011; a potential decline in the price of gold to as low as $1126 by August of 2011 and a decline in the price of crude oil to as low as $69 next year - before taking off to record highs. Words: 781

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Stock Markets Have Major UPSIDE Potential

The U.S. stock market finished the month of September with its best performance in 71 years, i.e. since September 1939. The Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 index, as a benchmark of the total equity market, has gone up 10% since September 1 and all my analyses indicate that the market could see continued strength until at least sometime after the November elections. Words: 614

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Gold Will Go To $5,000 and the Dow To Above 27,000 by 2015

Warning! The forecasts you're about to read are controversial, and many will say I have lost my mind. No problem. Many have said the same about me numerous times in the past but the forecasts I speak of today are based entirely upon my proprietary trading models that... have successfully guided me and the investors that have followed me through every twist and turn in the economy and markets... since I developed them in 1982. Words: 895

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Dreaded "Hindenburg Omen" Indicator Suggests 77% Likelihood of Imminent Major Market Decline

The probability of a move greater than 5% to the downside after a confirmed Hindenburg Omen was 77% [conversely, 23% of the time no significant market downturn occurred] and usually took place within the next forty-days. The probability of a panic sellout was 41% and the probability of a major stock market crash was 24%. The Omen was activated on the New York Stock Exchange on August 11 so the probability is that we will see a steep market decline sometime in September. Words: 871

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