Sunday , 25 August 2019

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The P/E Ratio: Its Strengths and Limitations (Almost 26K Views)

When it comes to valuing stocks, the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is the number one metric for investors that want an instant fix on what the market thinks of a company. [That being said]...there are health warnings to heed if you don’t want to be left exposed by its limitations. [Let me explain.] Words: 1101

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Cannabis Central: Only These 2 ETFs Provide Exposure to the U.S. Marijuana Sector

While marijuana cultivation is legal at the state level in 33 American states, it remains federally illegal, making it impossible for U.S. companies to have their securities listed on any U.S. stock exchange. That being the case, many U.S. based companies in the cannabis business (referred to as multi-state operators or MSOs) have embraced the recent opportunity to list their stocks on the NEO stock exchange to take advantage of full capital markets support. This article highlights 2 ETFs that provide exposure to this burgeoning market and the rationale for investing in them.

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