Thursday , 30 March 2017

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‘Internet of Things’ Positioned for Strong Growth – Consider Investing In These Undervalued Small Caps

internet of things 3

Internet-Of-Things (IoT) is the concept of having everyday things or devices connected to the internet or cloud, feeding the general public with information, diagnostics, and updates. From monitoring healthcare and restaurant facilities to home-based care for people with a chronic health issue, IoT is going to revolutionize everyday life. Today, we take a look at potentially undervalued IoT small caps that are trading below the industry average EV/Sales multiple of 1.4x.

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5 Small Cap Stocks With Strong BUY Recommendations


Having already gained investor attention after rallying over 30% year-to-date, the 5 stocks below appear to be just warming up. From the reawakened uranium industry to the latest satellite imaging technology, this week’s picks will have analysts seeing big gains very soon.

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Analysts Predict These 5 Casino & Gaming Stocks Will Be Winners


The entertainment industry is often overlooked, seeing more customers for leisure than investors for capital gains. In this article we identify those Canadian casino and gaming stocks (5) that analysts predict will have year-over-year growth in revenues and, to further compare their profiles, we provide enterprise value-to-sales metrics.

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