Sunday , 22 October 2017

Stocks & ETFunds

If Gold Keeps Falling These 5 Junior Gold Miners Could T-h-r-i-v-e


As the gold price continues to slide, only the miners with the most efficient operations will be able to stay profitable, so it is important to take note of those companies with the lowest All-In Sustaining Costs (AISC) developed by the World Gold Council so that gold miners could be compared across various jurisdictions.

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3 Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Companies Benefiting From the Trump Bump


With President-elect Trump vowing to bring back the Keystone XL pipeline, and having Rex Tillerson, a long-time supporter of Canadian oil, as his head of foreign policy, those moves could benefit Canadian exports of crude. The 3 energy juniors on our list today are all early producers, or near production, have operations in Western Canada, and could, we think, get a Trump stock price bump.

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Are These Energy Stocks Set To Expand Exploration Activities?


The TSX energy stocks on our list today were all able to increase their Net Asset Value (NAV) by an average of 34% over the last fiscal year and, with positive net working capital over the past 12 months to handle their day to day operations, they could be in a position to focus on raising capital for exploration purposes.

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Biotech Stock Euphoria Has Turned to a Massive Sell-off – Here’s Why


Biotech ETFs were initially among the biggest winners of Donald Trump’s surprise election win last month, but the early euphoria has now turned to a massive sell-off once again. From a technical, fundamental, and political standpoint, it’s probably safe to say that biotech is back out of vogue, and investors should tread very carefully here as we approach the end of the year.

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