Wednesday , 18 October 2017

Stocks & ETFunds

Niche ETFs: When & How To Use Them


Niche ETFs can be used in different ways: as tactical, short-term tools to express a view on a pocket of the market or as long-term plays that take time to come to fruition—like millennials or, say, solar energy, but they come with risks discussed in this article.

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The EV/EBITDA Ratios of These 5 Canadian Small Caps Suggest They Deserve Investor Attention

key to profits

Some experts call the EV/EBITDA ratio the “Golden Ratio” and consider it the best metric for finding value. Why? Because over the past 20 years the companies with the lowest 10% EV/EBITDA multiples have returned 2,227% compared to 500% for the S&P 500. Today we have identified 5 Canadian small caps that are trading below 5x EV/EBITDA and have an average ROE of greater than 15% over the past five years and, as such, deserve investor attention as potentially undervalued stocks.

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The Active Vs Passive Debate: How Active Passive Investments Really Are


All index funds aren’t good just like all active funds aren’t bad and all index investors aren’t passive just like all non-index investors aren’t active. You can split hairs in the active versus passive debate but it’s worth understanding that you can’t judge a fund or investor by the way they label themselves.

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