Sunday , 26 February 2017


Consider Diversifying Your Portfolio By Investing In Japan – Here’s Why


Most investors do not have sufficient exposure to equities outside the United States in their portfolios (a phenomenon known as home country bias), even though investing internationally is another way of introducing diversification in a portfolio. Investors interested in looking abroad may wish to look to the Far East – specifically, Japan.

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A Look At “Safe” Investments: Just How Safe Are They?


Is there such a thing as a truly "safe" investment? The short answer is that no investment is 100% safe, but there are certainly some investments that are better than others at protecting your hard-earned savings. Let's examine some of the most common "safe" investments and learn how good they actually are at shielding you from financial losses.

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5 Investment Tips to Riches


We often get questions from readers about the criteria we use when considering positions in a market. Because of that, we decided to release our best insights in this article in line with what we believe are actual market conditions. To illustrate that, we have included recent charts and data points. Read on!

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Invest With An Edge: The Wonderful World Of Fractals


What are fractals, what causes them, and how we can use them to improve our trading? It's a subject worthy of a lengthy research paper, but hopefully this article and the following excerpts to whet your appetite to read the full article will be a good introduction.

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Fear-mongers’ Advice Has Been a Disaster For Portfolios


Some people are screaming that this is just the start of the biggest bull market in the history of the world but the tin hat crowd has a phrase that is often associated with euphoria, bubbles, and overheated markets...that proclaims "this will end badly." That being said, listening to the advice of fear-mongers has been an absolute disaster for your portfolio returns.

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