Tuesday , 24 October 2017


An Open Letter to Americans: “Canada IS Better!” Here’s Why

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Most of the rest of the world (especially the U.S.) looks at Canada as the weaker, more polite North American cousin. We've even gotten pretty good at playing the second fiddle over the years. That doesn't mean, however, we don't sneak up from time to time like Donovan Bailey and claim a few victories over our Yankee neighbours. Here are 20 ranked reasons why Canada is way better than the United States, all selected by a true Canadian.

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Your Degree of Happiness Depends On Where You Live In the U.S. – Take a Look


Recent research has determined that there are significant degrees of happiness among Americans depending on what cities and regions of the country they live in and that, in particular, those living in cities with declining populations were exceptionally sad.. This post provides a make-up of the research and a map of the U.S. illustrating the various degrees of happiness - or unhappiness - by area.

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The Bare Facts On How Durex Sells Condoms in China


Selling condoms in China is difficult. After purchasing Durex in 2010 Reckitt Benckiser set out to expand its 30% market share there but quickly realized its usual strategy was not going to work in China so it went for an all-social and all-digital strategy overhaul and the results were dramatic. Here's why.

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“Financial-tainment” Journalism: An Exposé


Many people have unwittingly bought into a highly addictive, sensationally-driven religion of doom-and-gloom where every day is a bad day, every war is a possible prelude to World War III, every market correction is a prelude to another financial crisis, every poor economic statistic is proof of a coming collapse. In theory, the above could all be true, and that's why framing any event in such a fashion is so tantalizing. Welcome to the doom-and-gloom "financial-tainment" industry!

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Your Car: Can You Drive Further On An Hours Wages Than In the Past? Check It Out


Someone recently asserted on a site that: “The cost to fuel your car has never been higher as a percentage of disposable income.” I know gasoline prices are high, but I couldn't accept such a contention without looking at incomes and fuel economy, too. I put together 50 years of pretty consistent data for the key variables and my findings will surprise you. Read on.

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