Sunday , 25 February 2018


Do You Steal As Much From Your Employer As the Average Guy?


64% of employees visit non work-related sites every day with some spending more than 1 hour, on average, each and every day doing so. But guess what? That's not the #1 time waster. This infographic identifies the 3 most common time wasters at work and what is done during the time that they are, in effect, stealing from their employer.

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Who Are the World’s Happiest Citizens? Where Does Your Country Rank?


According to the 2nd annual World Happiness Report of the Earth Institute, sponsored by the UN, Canada slipped to 6th place among the world’s happiest countries, Australia ranked 10th and the U.S. dropped down to below that of its neighbours to the south including Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico. Where does your country rank? Read on!

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A Look At the U.S., State by State, Shows Some Surprising Differences


The information below is compiled by Lorimer Wilson, editor of and and the FREE Market Intelligence Report newsletter (sample here – register here) and comes from 3 sites hyperlinked at the end. If you don't find what you are looking for in the 10 maps below pay them a visit. There are hundreds of such maps of various kinds on various subjects. I think those below are the best of the lot. Enjoy!

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Internationalize Your Internet Setup to Prevent NSA from Spying on Your Personal & Business Information – Here’s How


The overreach of the "War on Terror" and heavy-handed copyright laws lend the cover for any US agency to monitor and control your Internet activity. These, and myriad other laws, mean that your personal/business website can be seized at the drop of a hat under the flimsiest of pretexts. Fortunately, it is relatively easy and cheap to move your digital presence across borders where it can dwell in friendlier jurisdictions.

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Obama or Romney: Which Candidate Is Better For Your Portfolio?

People mostly vote with their wallets. Whichever candidate is perceived to be better for their finances usually gets their vote. Sure, social issues, foreign policy and character matter, but it ultimately comes down to money – and the belief that a candidate will lead to more of it for the voter. Both candidates are trying to convince the American public that they can return the nation to prosperity so I have taken a quantitative look at how the market performed under each candidate’s party. The results may surprise you. Words: 888

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Who Won the Presidential Debate, Both or Neither? But then, What Difference Does It Really Make?

Who won the debate? Well, if you rely on the media, the commentary was just as I expected, biased, based on one's ideological point of view. There was nary an objective assessment among the lot! Media types no longer seem constrained or embarrassed about their heavily opinionated comments which are, for the most part, nothing less than shills and advocates for their respective candidates and/or parties. Words: 377

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Fact #3: Overspending on Education in U.S. Doesn’t Buy Genius

This is the 3rd in a series of 100 provocative, useful facts about big issues presented every day until the election to help Americans debunk myths, hold better conversations, get involved, and make choices as smarter citizens. Fact #3 reveals that big school outlays do not lead to straight A's.

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